Dissolvable fever blister patch from Herpatch (Remesense)

Dissolvable patch for fever blisters

Dissolvable patch against fever blisters

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply Herpatch to the fever blister?

fever blister outbreak These easy steps will make sure you apply Herpatch in a correct way and will keep the patch stay in place during use. apply patch Apply the curved, hollow side of the patch to fever blister by gently tapping on the patch with your finger. Make sure there are no air bubbles. If necessary, apply extra moisture.
wash infected area Before use, wash or rinse the affected area. dissolves automatically Dissolves over hours.
moisten area Leave the area moist. Moisture is needed to adhere the patch. remoisten area Re-moisten the patch with water or saliva when patch tends to come loose when wearing it.
open unit Tear off blister, open foil and take out the patch. Side of patch towards thin foil is slightly curved. 2 or more patches a day Use 2 patches a day or more if necessary.
dip in water Dip the patch in water for 2 to 6 seconds. remove patch Dissolves automatically, but when necessary, gently wet the area to remove the patch.

Can I combine Herpatch with acyclovir cream?

No, this is not necessary because the patch itself has active properties so no need to rub extra cream on it.

Can I use Herpatch when I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you are pregnant or breast feeding, please consult a professional before using.

Can Herpatch be used with children?

From the age of 4 Herpatch can be used with children under the supervision of an adult. Under the age of 4 please consult your doctor.

Can I remove the patch before it is dissolved?

It is better to let it dissolve by itself but if you do want to remove it before it has auto-dissolved, you can softly dip it away with water. This way you do not risk tearing open the blister.

How long do I have to use Herpatch?

You can use Herpatch during each stage of the fever blister cycle from tingling to healing. You can apply a new patch if the previous one is dissolved. We advise to use it at first sign of an outbreak however and until the fever blister is totally gone. We recommend using 2 patches a day.

What is the difference between Herpatch and other patches for fever blisters?

Herpatch dissolves by itself so you do not risk to tear open your fever blister, which is not only very painful, but also increases the risk of contaminating yourself or others.

Further, this patch has active properties. Because of this Herpatch is highly effective when compared to some other products.

For those 2 reasons, Herpatch Remesense is the latest innovation for the treatment of Herpes labialis and a brand new second generation patch!

Watch out, unlike other patches Herpatch is not just a sticker. Moisture is needed to make it adhere to the skin and activate its healing properties.

What should I do when the patch tends to come loose?

If necessary, re-moisten the fever blister with water or saliva. Moisture is very crucial to optimize the adherence of the patch.

Where can I use Herpatch?

Use Herpatch on your fever blister or the area where you feel the tingling of a fever blister outbreak. This can be on your lips or around your mouth. Do not use inside the mouth, on mucous membranes or for genital herpes.

Why should I use Herpatch?

If you use Herpatch dissolving patches at the first sign of an outbreak this will help to reduce the symptoms of the outbreak immediately and helps to shorten the duration time of your fever blister.

The dissolving patch immediately hides the blister plus reduces the risk of contamination to other people and own body parts. It doesn’t simply seal the blister, but this patch has active properties as well. The benefits are numerous. Herpatch fastens the healing of your fever blister, prevents the itching and burning, takes away the redness and swelling and prevents scabbing and reduces the blistering.

Further, this is an auto-dissolving patch, so there is no risk to tear open the wound when removing it. The patch dissolves by itself over hours and if necessary can be removed by simply dipping it away with water.

Herpatch has all the benefits of other patches, but above that it has active properties and dissolves by itself, so forget about patches that only cover and hurt when removing.

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