Dissolvable fever blister patch from Herpatch (Remesense)

Dissolvable patch for fever blisters

Dissolvable patch against fever blisters

What causes a fever blister?

causes of fever blister outbreak

Fever blisters are caused by an initial infection with the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1). The main triggers of a fever blister outbreak can be due to external and internal causes.

Internal factors External factors
Fever Windburn
Illness Ultraviolet radiation (sunshine, tanning booths)
Menstruation Chilling
Upset stomach or GI disturbance Excitement
Minor infections Emotional stress
Any disease that increases metabolism (e.g. diabetes, hyperthyroidism) Drying of the lips
Presence of a second virus (e.g., common cold, flu) Allergic reactions, including reactions to food
Fatigue Any physical injury
Factors that depress the immune system Dental treatment

How to treat a fever blister

Herpatch helps to treat fever blisters throughout their entire cycle. Its effect goes even so far that the application of a Herpatch can help to prevent the occurrence of fever blisters, when the first tingling is felt on the lips!

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Stages of a blister outbreak

A blister outbreak goes through 5 stages.

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