Dissolvable fever blister patch from Herpatch (Remesense)

Dissolvable patch for fever blisters

Dissolvable patch against fever blisters

Stages of a blister outbreak

Stages of a fever blister outbreak
  1. Day 1: Tingling (Prodome)
    The patient has a burning feeling on or around the lips, nose or chin.
  2. Day 1 - Day 2: Occurrence of blisters (Erythema + Papule)
    The area turns red and painful. Clusters of small blisters form, which can grow into 1 large blister.
  3. Day 2 - Day 3: Bursting of the blisters (Vesicles)
    This is the most infectious and most painful phase. The blisters burst.
  4. Day 3 - Day 8: Formation of a crust
    The crust forms on the small wound. If the crust falls off too soon, then this can lead to bleeding and can cause a burning sensation.
  5. Day 8 – Day 10: Healing
    The wound has healed and the fever blisters are gone.

How to treat a fever blister

Herpatch helps to treat fever blisters throughout their entire cycle. Its effect goes even so far that the application of a Herpatch can help to prevent the occurrence of fever blisters, when the first tingling is felt on the lips!

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How do I prevent a fever blister outbreak?

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