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Rešitev za herpes na ustnicah

Herpatch Solution

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Having suffered with cold sores since a child I just wanted to say thank you for this incredible treatment I have tried countless other products and this is by far the best I've ever come across. I now keep it permanently in the house and one in the car in case I feel one coming. Again thank you.

Michael – United Kingdom

Whenever I feel the first symptoms of itching on my lips I take a Herpatch. It’s like a miracle. It helps. I always have a couple of Herpatch ready in my handbag. Can’t live without them.

Marianne - Sweden

I have tried many products, but Herpatch is the best of them. The protective layer removes cold sores quickly and effectively. I can recommend it to everyone, try it.

Szilvia - Hungary

I’ve already tried several products for the treatment of cold sores, and only Herpatch charm me. It works very effectively and is, moreover, easy to apply and transparent.

Ilse, Belgium (pharmacist)

I am often plagued by cold sores. I now use Herpatch serum once cold sore coming and it both relieves and prevents development. It is also to help to cover the wound such that it is not so visible.

Martin – Norway

I have a tube of Herpatch Serum that I have been using for a while (and I’m very sad that it is coming to an end). I now realize that it’s no longer available in South Africa after having tried numerous pharmacies. It is the best solution for cold sores - nothing works as well as this serum! A white serum that goes on easily - becomes clear and helps to heal cold sores in no time.

Irene, South Africa